LMFAO Breaking Up?

Wouldn’t THIS be a huge bomb­shell to the world of pop music!

The New York Post is claim­ing that Red­Foo and Sky­Blu, the guys from LMFAO, are fight­ing amongst them­selves, mainly over the money that they have made together from songs like “Party Rock Anthem” and “Sexy And I Know It”. The Post says that mul­ti­ple sources have con­firmed that they are on the verge of break­ing up as a duo.

Some­thing that has attrib­uted to the fight­ing is that Sky­Blu is deal­ing with a her­ni­ated disc in his back, which has lim­ited his abil­ity to dance because of the pain. Red­Foo and Sky­Blu are related, and one source says that they have always been able to “make-up” and get back to nor­mal. The source did add that it may not be the case this time.

Along with those claims, LMFAO’s for­mer man­agers are suing them! Their for­mer man­ag­ing firm is claim­ing that LMFAO unfairly fired them after tak­ing them from 0 to 60. They say that they were basi­cally thrown under the mov­ing bus. The man­ag­ing com­pany had a con­tract with LMFAO for 20 per­cent of all money that they made, and they say that the duo still owes them. They want $7 MILLION in damages.

Could this be the end?

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