LMFAO Movie?

The boys of LMFAO are battling a lawsuit and rumors that they are breaking up over money. But, it looks like another money-making project may have staved off at least one of those problems for now.

For those of you who don’t know, their music video for “Party Rock Anthem” has been viewed over 425 MILLION times on YouTube. And this gave an idea to LMFAO’s Redfoo: “Let’s release a full-on LMFAO movie!”

Oh boy.

LMFAO said that they are still just “thinking” about the idea, but if it were to happen, expect it to be CRAZY.

RedFoo said, “It might be too much for the world. You might have to do some sit-ups and stuff [because] you might be laughing . . . you might have to stretch your stomach muscles.”

They claim that their goal would be to change movies (we all really know that it is about making money), but they have some interesting ideas.

They said, “The etiquette in movie theaters is ‘Be quiet!’ We might say, ‘Everybody, right now tweet something!’ . . . or, ‘Take a picture of what’s on the screen right now and tweet it out!’ What if we did that in the movie?”

I wonder if the movie theaters would allow this. It might destroy the etiquette of a generation of kids.

The real question is: would you go and see the movie?

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