March Madness!

I watched a lot of basketball this weekend. In fact, I think I watched all or part of every game played. I know you’re impressed.

Lots of people out there filled out brackets. I was one of them, in fact, I took it to the extreme: I filled out 18 brackets total.

How many of my brackets are still good? Only one of them, I missed on only a couple of teams. Unfortunately, that bracket WAS NOT entered into my Bracket Challenge against some Z103 listeners.

So what are the odds of getting a perfect bracket? One in 34.9 BILLION. Yeah, you are over 3,500 times more likely to win the PowerBall lottery. True story.

I have heard of people picking their brackets in unique ways, like choosing the team based on their record, their uniform colors, even their mascots. I did a version this year called the “Coin Toss Bracket”, where heads represents the higher seed and tails represents the lower seed. So far, out of the three “Coin Toss” brackets that I did, only one of them still has the Championship game intact.

Regardless of your thoughts on March Madness, this is the greatest time of the year sports-wise. Enjoy it while it lasts!

Oh, and here are some tournament game-winning buzzer beaters over the years:

Unknown source


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