Matty Merrill's Top 5 Super Bowl Commercials!

Over­all, I felt that the com­mer­cials for Super Bowl 48 didn’t live up to the hype they were given. But that doesn’t mean that there weren’t any good ones!

Let’s “COUNTEM DOWN!!” from 5 to 1!

#5: Bud Light with Arnold Schwarzeneg­ger play­ing Ping Pong. I didn’t care for the rest of the com­mer­cial, but Arnold play­ing ping pong got me laugh­ing!

#4: Chevrolet’s “Sexy Bull” ad. Grow­ing up on a farm, I’d always won­dered if cows used human-like body lan­guage to attract a mate… now I know, lol.

#3: Radio Shack’s “The 80’s Called” ad. It was just epic.

#2: Dori­tos “Time Machine”. It was real­is­tic, easy to film, and funny. Plus the old man was great!

#1: NFL Network’s “2014 Draft with Jerry Rice­cake”. Maybe my fan­dom makes me biased on this one, but after watch­ing last year’s “Leon Sand­cas­tle” com­mer­cial, it tied the rivalry of both Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders together in a humor­ous way. I may have drank too much soda pop and eaten too many fat­ten­ing foods at this point, so my judg­ment may have been off, lol.

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