Matty Swims With Sharks!

I’m crazy… I’ll be the first to admit that.

But I still decided to swim with the sharks at the Eastern Idaho State Fair… even after the shark-keeper said that he had been bit twice in the past month (no lie).

Regardless, I wasn’t gonna chicken out. I had to do it.

I was in the water for a total of 5 minutes (which seemed like an eternity, lol). Normally, sharks will circle you once or twice to just “check you out” and then they will leave you alone. However, you may notice in the video that the big, dark shark, kept going around and around and around. After those 5 minutes, I was tapped on the shoulder by the shark-keeper, who told me that I needed to get out because the shark was about to take a nice chomp out of my torso.

He didn’t need to tell me twice!

Even though there was some definite danger involved, it was really cool to be able to swim with the sharks!

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