Matty Swims With Sharks!

I’m crazy… I’ll be the first to admit that.

But I still decided to swim with the sharks at the East­ern Idaho State Fair… even after the shark-keeper said that he had been bit twice in the past month (no lie).

Regard­less, I wasn’t gonna chicken out. I had to do it.

I was in the water for a total of 5 min­utes (which seemed like an eter­nity, lol). Nor­mally, sharks will cir­cle you once or twice to just “check you out” and then they will leave you alone. How­ever, you may notice in the video that the big, dark shark, kept going around and around and around. After those 5 min­utes, I was tapped on the shoul­der by the shark-keeper, who told me that I needed to get out because the shark was about to take a nice chomp out of my torso.

He didn’t need to tell me twice!

Even though there was some def­i­nite dan­ger involved, it was really cool to be able to swim with the sharks!

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