Matty's Favorite Super Bowl Ad!

I’ll be hon­est.… this was REALLY REALLY REALLY hard to try to nar­row down to just ONE ad. I tried.… I really did. Enjoy!

#1: “Leon Sandcastle”

This one was too funny. Hall of Fame player Deion Sanders dresses up as “Leon Sand­cas­tle” and ends up becom­ing the #1 pick in the NFL Draft.

#2: Taco Bell’s “Viva Young”

The nice peo­ple at the old folks home know how to party!

#3: Oreo’s “Quiet Library Riot”

An all out brawl starts in the library… but every­one whis­pers their threats.

#4: Dodge’s “Paul Har­vey Farmer”

This one hits home to me, because I grew up on a farm. My dad is a farmer. My grandpa was a farmer. So was my great-grandpa. And my great-great grandpa. Some­how I ended up being a radio DJ, I can’t fig­ure that one out.

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