Melaleuca Freedom Celebration 2014

Hey it’s Brad from Brad & Tara. Tonight on the banks of the Snake River in Idaho Falls I was there for the Melaleuca Freedom Celebration fireworks. If you missed it be sure to mark your calendar for next year. This is the biggest fireworks show, with more firework shells than any other West of the Mississippi. If you haven’t seen these fireworks before you’ll be blown away because it’s not a big blast of color every 3 or 4 seconds. It’s 30 minutes of non-stop firepower. If you’d like a free printsize photo from the Melaleuca Freedom Celebration, go to the B2X Photo website or Google “Brad Barlow Photographer”. This is my photography website. I’m one of the photographers in Idaho Falls who got a sweet location to shoot some great pictures and I’m giving away these fireworks picture files for download. I hope you like ’em! You can print them wherever you like (personal use only, please). Happy 4th of July!

Melaleuca Freedom Celebration. Idaho Falls photographer Brad Barlow, B2X Photo. Idaho Falls photographers. Melaleuca Freedom Celebration Fireworks. Brad Barlow, B2X Photo2014 Melaleuca Freedom Celebration fireworks. Photo by Brad Barlow, B2X Photo. Photographers in Idaho Falls, ID area.


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