Mini-Golf Madness!

I love me some mini-golf!

The great thing about mini-golf is that you can play it pretty much ANYWHERE. You don’t necessarily have to go downtown to your local mini-golf center to have a good time, because you can do that while you are at work or if you are at home!

Personally, I think that we at Z103 should have a “Day of Mini-Golf” and play it around the office. I think that would be AWESOME!

But you know, there is always that one guy at your office that seems to be able to CRUSH you and the rest of the competition when it comes to office mini-golf.

An example of that is this dude:

I would like to think that the Jon Eborn of Z103 is me, but we won’t be able to find that out until we have the Z103 Day of Mini-Golf!

Unknown source


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