Most HATED NBA Player

Can you believe it?! Nielsen and EPoll released their list of the “Most Hated NBA Play­ers”, and #1 on the list this year was this guy:

Does he look sim­i­lar to this guy?:

Oh wait, yup, THAT IS THE SAME GUY!

So while Kris Humphries is a warm­ing the bench, he beats out LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Kobe Bryant as the “Most HATED Player in the NBA”. Wow. That take’s skill to stoop that low. Or mar­ry­ing a Kar­dashian, that works too.

Here is what the peo­ple on ESPN’s “First Take” think about it:

And the boo­ing that these guys men­tioned? Here is a video clip of that:

Wow. All of that just because of Kim Kardashian.

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