NBA Wet Willy!

First of all, ANY wet willy is just flat out messed up. Second of all, this is pro sports. Not 3rd grade recess.

Delonte West of the Dallas Mavericks was trying to play tough on Gordon Hayward of the Utah Jazz last night. Delonte tried getting in Gordon’s face and ended up pushing him. Gordon walks away to avoid any further extracurricular activity. And that’s when things get weird.

At this point, Delonte walks up to Gordon and gives him a WET WILLY in his right ear. No joke.

Watch the video here:

Not only is that pretty low, it’s pretty flat out lame. Really? A Wet Willy? That’s all you could come up with Delonte?

At least they didn’t end up fighting.

We saw Mike Tyson bite off Evander Holyfield’s ear, so I guess it is possible for a wet willy to happen.

But still, that’s nasty.

In the end though, Gordon had the last laugh as the Jazz beat the Mavericks 123-121 in triple overtime.

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