NBA Wet Willy!

First of all, ANY wet willy is just flat out messed up. Sec­ond of all, this is pro sports. Not 3rd grade recess.

Delonte West of the Dal­las Mav­er­icks was try­ing to play tough on Gor­don Hay­ward of the Utah Jazz last night. Delonte tried get­ting in Gordon’s face and ended up push­ing him. Gor­don walks away to avoid any fur­ther extracur­ric­u­lar activ­ity. And that’s when things get weird.

At this point, Delonte walks up to Gor­don and gives him a WET WILLY in his right ear. No joke.

Watch the video here:

Not only is that pretty low, it’s pretty flat out lame. Really? A Wet Willy? That’s all you could come up with Delonte?

At least they didn’t end up fighting.

We saw Mike Tyson bite off Evan­der Holyfield’s ear, so I guess it is pos­si­ble for a wet willy to happen.

But still, that’s nasty.

In the end though, Gor­don had the last laugh as the Jazz beat the Mav­er­icks 123–121 in triple overtime.

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