New Adidas Commercial: Starring Karl Malone!

Ok, quick sports nerd moment here.

I love sports com­mer­cials. Mainly because I love sports and because I’m always intrigued at what sports com­pa­nies are going to do to try to grab your attention.

This one got me.

Damian Lil­lard, for­mer Weber State Wild­cat and cur­rent mem­ber of the Port­land Trail­Blaz­ers, signed a new shoe deal with Adi­das. To help pro­mote the line, Adi­das came up with a cre­ative com­mer­cial fea­tur­ing Chris Web­ber, Barry Sanders, and LaDain­ian Tom­lin­son… and the Mail­man him­self, Karl Malone!

Karl stole the show in the com­mer­cial. Priceless.


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