News Anchor Loses It After Ryan Lochte Interview

Ryan Lochte went blank…for an entire news inter­view caus­ing the anchors to lose con­trol in a fit of laughter.

A cou­ple Fox News anchors were ask­ing about the new real­ity TV show “What Would Ryan Lochte Do” pre­mier­ing on E! Sun­day April 21. Lochte paused, waited and never actu­ally answered the question.

Lochte tells mtv.com, “I lose my train of thought; I’m in my own world. And we call those Ryan Moments…I want all that stuff on the show because it’s me. That’s Ryan Lochte.”

If your mind goes blank and all else fails, refer to your­self in the third per­son and post a pic­ture spread eagle in a Speedo.

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