No Crying In Baseball!

If only Tom Hanks were here now to say that line. Oh wait, he is:

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case on Wednesday night at The Ballpark in Arlington, Texas, where the Texas Rangers were playing the New York Yankees.

After a foul ball, one of the players tossed it into the stands for a young fan. But it was promptly stolen away by a couple of Rangers fans…. who proceeded to rub it in the poor kid’s face!

Watch the video to see it unfold:

Now get this. These two fans, named Sean Leonard and Shannon Moore, are claiming that they had NO IDEA that the kid wanted the baseball. Which seems pretty ridiculous, since the kid is like 2 feet away bawling his eyes out. Sean and Shannon are also mad at braodcaster Michael Kay, the guy who called them out on it.

Well, what did they expect? Of course there is gonna be some backlash for stealing it from the kid!

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