No Crying In Baseball!

If only Tom Hanks were here now to say that line. Oh wait, he is:

Unfor­tu­nately, that wasn’t the case on Wednes­day night at The Ball­park in Arling­ton, Texas, where the Texas Rangers were play­ing the New York Yankees.

After a foul ball, one of the play­ers tossed it into the stands for a young fan. But it was promptly stolen away by a cou­ple of Rangers fans.… who pro­ceeded to rub it in the poor kid’s face!

Watch the video to see it unfold:

Now get this. These two fans, named Sean Leonard and Shan­non Moore, are claim­ing that they had NO IDEA that the kid wanted the base­ball. Which seems pretty ridicu­lous, since the kid is like 2 feet away bawl­ing his eyes out. Sean and Shan­non are also mad at braod­caster Michael Kay, the guy who called them out on it.

Well, what did they expect? Of course there is gonna be some back­lash for steal­ing it from the kid!

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