No Parachute Skydiving!

Dis­claimer: NEVER try this at home or jump out of an air­plane with­out a para­chute. Doing so could result in seri­ous injury, death, or being labeled a crazy man like Gary Connery.

Gary Con­nery is a stunt­man who wanted to try some­thing new. By some­thing new, he meant Sky­div­ing with­out a parachute.

The catch? He gets to use a “Wing­Suit”… which is like what Bat­man uses. Oh, and he gets to land on 18,000 card­board boxes.

Watch the video HERE:

My analy­sis: nice jump, must have been exhil­a­rat­ing, but those 18,000 card­board boxes could have been put to bet­ter use.…

Like build­ing my card­board box Taj Mahal, com­plete with a 10-car garage, bas­ket­ball court, and cafeteria.

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