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Rihanna Performs Karaoke at Miguel’s L.A. Art Installation

Randy Holmes/ABC In case you missed it, Rihanna made as surprise appearance at Miguel's Wildheart Motel art installation in Los Angeles over the weekend. Fan footage capture Rih Rih taking part in... read more


Ellie Goulding Fights Back Against Reports She Replaces Meals with an IV Drip

ABC/Image Group LA Ellie Goulding is hitting back at misleading reports about her health, after U.K.’s Metro newspaper reportedly suggested that the singer replaces meals... read more


Nick Jonas Says He Has an “Unbelievable Connection” with Kate Hudson

Randall Slavin Nick Jonas is finally speaking out about those Kate Hudson rumors. In a cover story with Complex, magazine, the singer is asked point... read more


Taylor Swift Sings Along to “Grease: Live!” with Pal Gigi Hadid

ABC/Fred LeeTaylor Swift and her pal Gigi Hadid tuned in to watch their mutual ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas in Grease: Live! Sunday night. Gigi Snapchatted their... read more


Adele’s Rep Says She Didn’t Give Permission for Presidential Candidates to Use Her Songs

Alasdair McLellan  Being British, Adele has no say in the upcoming presidential election, but she does have an opinion when it comes to candidates... read more


Kanye West to Perform “Waves” Next Week in Live Theatrical Event

ABC/Randy Holmes Kanye West has confirmed his highly anticipated album, Waves, will be premiered in theaters worldwide in a live performance. The rapper tweeted that on the same date as his... read more


Nick Jonas Admires How Lady Gaga Juggles Music and Acting

Randall Slavin When it comes to balancing music and acting, Nick Jonas is looking to Lady Gaga for inspiration. “I’m fortunate to be in a position... read more


John Legend to Produce Stage Show from “Chappelle’s Show” Co-Creator

ABC News Radio John Legend continues to wrack up new projects for his Get Lifted production company. After working on the upcoming TVseries Underground, the singer... read more


“Grease: Live!” Offers Dedication to Vanessa Hudgens’ Late Father

FOXThe Fox musical production Grease: Live! aired Sunday night, and it closed with a dedication to star Vanessa Hudgens' father, who passed away over the... read more


Tori Kelly Puts Her Faith in Latest Hit, “Hollow”

Capitol RecordsTori Kelly has a lot going on right now: she's nominated for a Grammy and will duet with James Bay on the Grammy telecast... read more

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