Party Rock Grandma!

This. Is. Hilarious.

A guy by the name of Adam (no, not Adam James) con­vinced his 90 year-old grand­mother to dance to “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO. And she did it!

His grandma hap­pens to be legally blind and is also hard of hear­ing. But she can def­i­nitely feel a beat! Adam said that danc­ing is one of the things that makes his grandma happy!

Here is the video of her danc­ing to Party Rock Anthem:

What’s even bet­ter about this video? The 90 year-old grandma got a YouTube response from Red Foo of LMFAO! Check it out right here:

Wouldn’t it be even more hilar­i­ous if LMFAO fea­tured the grandma in their next video?

BONUS! Here is a video of a 3-year old danc­ing to Sexy And I Know It. FYI, he seems to know the dance moves pretty well.

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