Peeps World Record!

With Easter being yes­ter­day, there was much con­sump­tion of choco­late, sugar, and PEEPS around the world.

But no one ate any of that faster than Kobayashi did yesterday.

Yeah, Kobayashi, that com­pet­i­tive food eat­ing guy from Japan, who holds lots of World Records for speed eat­ing things like Hot Dogs, Ham­burg­ers, Rice Balls, Cow Brains, Pizza, Lob­ster, Tacos, Twinkies, and Hot Wings. Now, he can add one more “food” to that list: Peeps.

Kobayashi set the World Record by eat­ing 25 peeps in 30 sec­onds. That’s pretty close to one peep per second.

Here’s the video:

What is my record for eat­ing peeps? I ate one in 25 years of human life.

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