Becoming Your Dog’s Yoda


No matter how smart, obedient, or well-behaved your dog is, he will need to be trained to some extent.  Training a dog can be an extremely rewarding or terribly frustrating process depending on how you do it.  You can either form a deep, trusting bond with Fido, or you can scare him so badly, he won’t want anything to do with you.  If you want to foster a friendship with your pup, here are a few training do’s and don’ts:

DO: Be nice to your dog whenever he comes to you.

DON’T: Do anything to your dog that he can perceive as unpleasant when he comes to you.


DO: Give commands to your dog only once.

DON’T: Nag your dog by repeating commands over and over.


DO: Use a normal tone of voice.

DON’T: Raise your voice, yells, or use ridiculous baby voices and the like.


DO: Use comfortable, dog friendly collars, training equipment.

DON’T: Use pain-inducing equipment, like shock collars.


DO: Give your dog an outlet for his energies.  Get him outside and let him play.

DON’T: Coop your dog up or suppress behaviors that need an outlet.


DO: Socialize your pup with people and other dogs.

DON’T: Lock your dog up or put him out because he hasn’t been trained.


DO: Make your dog works for his rewards and toys.  Don’t just give them away.

DON’T: Use force or punishment when training your dog.


DO: Consistently praise or reward desired behavior.

DON’T: Reward your dog for undesired behavior.


DO: Spend plenty of time playing with and giving exercise to your dog.

DON’T: Neglect your pooch.  You’ll break his heart.


DO: Get outside training help when you get stuck or hit a snag.

DON’T: Blame your dog if you don’t do a good job training him.


DO: Build a cooperative relationship with your dog based on communication and self-respect.

DON’T: Use confrontational methods that may hurt, threaten, or frighten your dog.


DO: Keep trying.  It may take time, but your dog will get what you work hard to teach him.

DON’T: Give up on your dog.  Remember that anything worth doing is worth taking the time to do.


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