Pixar's Avengers!

This is pretty freaking awesome.

Somebody out there with some amazing editing skills made a brilliant picture of Pixar characters dressed up as the Avengers. (click on the picture to make it bigger)

Nick Fury is a take on Samuel L. Jackson’s “Frozone” character from “The Incredibles”.

Captain America and Black Widow are also from “The Incredibles” (Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl)

The Hulk is “Sully” from “Monstars, Inc.”

Thor is based on Lord MacGuffin from Pixar’s upcoming movie, titled “Brave”.

Hawkeye is played by “Horst” from “Ratatouille” (you may also know as the guy who once killed a man…. with ‘DIS THUMB!)

Iron Man is the young Charles Muntz from “Up” (younger version of the old man).

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