Pixar's Avengers!

This is pretty freak­ing awesome.

Some­body out there with some amaz­ing edit­ing skills made a bril­liant pic­ture of Pixar char­ac­ters dressed up as the Avengers. (click on the pic­ture to make it bigger)

Nick Fury is a take on Samuel L. Jackson’s “Fro­zone” char­ac­ter from “The Incredibles”.

Cap­tain Amer­ica and Black Widow are also from “The Incred­i­bles” (Mr. Incred­i­ble and Elastigirl)

The Hulk is “Sully” from “Mon­stars, Inc.”

Thor is based on Lord MacGuf­fin from Pixar’s upcom­ing movie, titled “Brave”.

Hawk­eye is played by “Horst” from “Rata­touille” (you may also know as the guy who once killed a man.… with ‘DIS THUMB!)

Iron Man is the young Charles Muntz from “Up” (younger ver­sion of the old man).

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