Psy Proves He's Not Just a One Hit Wonder

If you’re not a fan of gyra­tion and hip thrust­ing you might want to pass on watch­ing this video.

Psy, you know, the guy from “Gang­nam Style” is at it again with his new song “Gen­tle­man.” The Korean pop super­star is drop­ping jaws again with his classy suits and cheesy dance moves.

Gen­tle­man” got more than 20 mil­lion hits in its first 24 hours. The video now has over 94 mil­lion views.

Forbes staff writer Dorothy Pomer­antz pre­dicted Psy would be another one hit won­der unless he could, “churn out some more pop hits (in Eng­lish) and if he can come up with some more cool dance moves and another great video, he might just make it.” It seems that’s exactly what he’s done, minus the Eng­lish part.

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