Rihanna LOVES Chris Brown?

Do you remem­ber once upon a time when this guy

assaulted and phys­i­cally abused this girl?

Yup, that was all the way back in the 2009 when Chris Brown bat­tered and blood­ied Rihanna after she caught him in a lie. But now, it looks like both Chris and Rihanna have been send­ing LOVE TWEETS to each other on Twit­ter. Chris sent a tweet to her say­ing, “Love U more than U know!” and then, not even two min­utes later, Rihanna sent her response, say­ing, “I’ll always love you #1love”.

Not only is this love fest going on, Rihanna has con­tin­ued to DEFEND Chris against every­one. In fact, Rihanna has said that she “doesn’t hate Chris Brown at all and that she loves and cares about him. She wants him to have a great life and great career.” She also expressed her excite­ment at his comeback.

Is there any­way that these two can have a healthy rela­tion­ship? I guess we will find out, since by the sounds of it they are get­ting back together.

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