Rihanna LOVES Chris Brown?

Do you remember once upon a time when this guy

assaulted and physically abused this girl?

Yup, that was all the way back in the 2009 when Chris Brown battered and bloodied Rihanna after she caught him in a lie. But now, it looks like both Chris and Rihanna have been sending LOVE TWEETS to each other on Twitter. Chris sent a tweet to her saying, “Love U more than U know!” and then, not even two minutes later, Rihanna sent her response, saying, “I’ll always love you #1love”.

Not only is this love fest going on, Rihanna has continued to DEFEND Chris against everyone. In fact, Rihanna has said that she “doesn’t hate Chris Brown at all and that she loves and cares about him. She wants him to have a great life and great career.” She also expressed her excitement at his comeback.

Is there anyway that these two can have a healthy relationship? I guess we will find out, since by the sounds of it they are getting back together.

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