Russell's BIG IRONY

Well, THAT is ironic.

This video came out a full month before it was announced that Russell Brand and Katy Perry were getting a divorce. It didn’t seem like much at the time, but now that Russell and Katy are divorcing, it’s kind of a big deal.

Watch the video and find the ironies:

Not gonna lie, it’s interesting that he says that he is going to put his wedding ring in a very safe place for the next week…. turns out that he won’t need it anymore anyways because of the divorce.

And about those sorority’s…. well, you get the picture.

By the way, if some movie studio were to ever make another animated or real-life version of Peter Pan, my vote goes to Russell playing the part of Captain Hook. Seriously, look at the pictures below and TELL ME that he couldn’t pull off an awesome British version of Captain Hook.

Or if that doesn’t work for you, he could star as “Weird Al” Yankovic in his biography that I will one day produce and direct.

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