Shopping INSANITY!

A roundup of all the INSANE stuff peo­ple did on Black Friday:

1. In Cal­i­for­nia, some woman pep­per sprayed her fel­low shop­pers at Wal­mart to dis­tract them while she scooped up the good deals.

2. In Arkansas, Wal­mart sold waf­fle mak­ers for $2. Video sur­veil­lance shows shop­pers push­ing and fight­ing each other, all for a WAFFLE MAKER!

3. Again… at Wal­mart. In Ari­zona, grandpa put a video game in his belt loop to free his hands so he could pick up his grand­son before he was hurt in the mob. Cops saw, thought he was shoplift­ing, and threw him to the ground frac­tur­ing his face.

4. In West Vir­ginia at Tar­get, an older guy col­lapsed. As he lay dying on the ground, shop­pers stepped over him to con­tinue shop­ping. He died at a hos­pi­tal later that night.

5. Some guy in Cal­i­for­nia waited out­side of a Wal­mart to rob peo­ple of their new pur­chases. One guy said ‘um… no’ to the rob­bery. He was shot.

If you have a his­tory of get­ting pas­sion­ate over stu­pid stuff, don’t go to Black Fri­day sales. Remem­ber Christ­mas isn’t about $2 waf­fle makers.

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