Shopping INSANITY!

A roundup of all the INSANE stuff people did on Black Friday:

1. In California, some woman pepper sprayed her fellow shoppers at Walmart to distract them while she scooped up the good deals.

2. In Arkansas, Walmart sold waffle makers for $2. Video surveillance shows shoppers pushing and fighting each other, all for a WAFFLE MAKER!

3. Again… at Walmart. In Arizona, grandpa put a video game in his belt loop to free his hands so he could pick up his grandson before he was hurt in the mob. Cops saw, thought he was shoplifting, and threw him to the ground fracturing his face.

4. In West Virginia at Target, an older guy collapsed. As he lay dying on the ground, shoppers stepped over him to continue shopping. He died at a hospital later that night.

5. Some guy in California waited outside of a Walmart to rob people of their new purchases. One guy said ‘um… no’ to the robbery. He was shot.

If you have a history of getting passionate over stupid stuff, don’t go to Black Friday sales. Remember Christmas isn’t about $2 waffle makers.

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