Simon's House Burglarized!

How is this for weird:

Simon Cowell, the creator of the X Factor, was watching TV at his house in London on Saturday night when he heard a noise coming from one of the bathrooms. He went to check it out and found some random 29-year old woman standing there….. with a BRICK.

Somehow, the woman got in the house through a downstairs window and had been wandering around the house for quite awhile before Simon found her. She was also believe to have been lying in Simon’s bed.

How did Simon react when he found the woman? Well, there was not a physical confrontation, but she was held up by members of Simon’s staff. The police finally showed up and arrested her for burglary.

The biggest question of the night? It is what Simon was doing just before he found the woman.

The answer? He was watching HIMSELF on Britain’s Got Talent.

Unknown source


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