Snooki Said WHAT?

Snooki and J-Woww from Jer­sey Shore are get­ting ready for their spin-off and the first offi­cial trailer about their new show nat­u­rally involves Snooki’s pregnancy.

The trailer even fea­tures the moment when Snooki told J-Woww her big news. But bet­ter yet, it fea­tures a line from Snooki that makes you seri­ously won­der if she should be a mom.

Watch the clip. The line starts at 1:03.

Did you hear what I heard? Snooki said, “Hon­estly, I really didn’t know that I could make a baby … so the fact that I can repro­duce is very scary.”

Oh my good­ness. We have a problem.

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