SNOOP DOGG on The Price Is Right!

It was celebrity week on legendary TV game show “The Price is Right”. Yesterday’s episode featured rap artist Snoop Dogg as it’s celebrity host/contestant. Snoop was raising money for his charity foundation.

Here is the video of him announcing the “Showcases” filled with fantastic cash and prizes!

And then, here is Snoop Dogg OWNING host Drew Carey in the excitement ratings after the contestant won:

Not gonna lie, I think Snoop Dogg should totally replace Drew Carey as the celebrity host. Not only did he bring some flair to the show which hasn’t existed since Bob Barker was there, but he acted like he WANTED to be there. It was really cool to see.

Who would you rather have be the host of the Price is Right? Bob Barker, Drew Carey, Snoop Dogg, or Matty Merrill? (no joke, if I were to be the host of the Price is Right, that would fulfill a lifelong dream of mine)

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