Taylor Swift Parody!

Maybe you’ve heard, but Taylor Swift’s latest song “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” is kind of a big deal. It’s got a ton of downloads and is flying up the charts.

I won’t lie though, when I first read the title of the song, I immediately thought she might be making fun of the fact that she always sings about breakups. But I listened to the song and realized that this is like the 579th song she has made about some sort of a breakup. I then had the following inner-cranial conversation with myself.

Me: “Gee, Taylor Swift sure sings a lot about breakups.”
Brain: “Yes, she does. Has she even sung about anything besides that?”
Me: “I don’t think she has. I mean, what would happen to her if she actually settled down with a guy? She wouldn’t have anything to sing about.”
Brain: “Well, she is dating that Conor Kennedy guy right now. But how long before he gets dumped.”
Me: “I don’t know, but I can’t wait to hear the song about it.”
Brain: “Don’t you realize that there is a bigger problem here? Like maybe it’s TAYLOR who has these so-called “issues”? Or that maybe some work needed to be done on those relationships?”
Me: “Holy toledo, you’re right Brain! Maybe it’s TAYLOR’S fault or the lack of willingness to work on the relationship! This is like the breakthrough of the year!”
Brain: “I know. Pretty interesting, huh?”
Me: “I wonder if somebody has made some sort of commentary or parody video about this very subject.”
Brain: “YouTube would be a good place to look for that.”
Me: “Good thinking Brain. I mean, hey, that’s your job, right? To think for me?”
Brain: “Yep. Keep it real.”

I went to YouTube and VOILA! There was a video that had just been posted about the exact thing I was talking to myself about!

Before you get to the video, I would just like to clarify that I am not in anyway bashing on Taylor Swift. She is a fantastic artist and makes millions of dollars producing these hit songs. I just find it funny that it’s always about the same topic.

Ok, you’ve read and suffered through my ramblings. Here’s the video:

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