The British JB?

For those of you Justin Bieber fans out there, I would like to intro­duce you to Conor Maynard.

Conor is the next Justin Bieber.… only, he is British-ified.

Amaz­ingly, this guy even looks like Justin Bieber, espe­cially with his hair, and like Justin he was dis­cov­ered on YouTube.

Here is one of his songs:

For those of you who remem­ber, it was Usher that dis­cov­ered and pro­moted Justin Bieber to the record labels. We know that Usher made some money off of that, but we don’t know how much. How­ever, for Conor May­nard, the stakes are even higher!

Ne-Yo has invited Conor to Los Ange­les to work with him, while Phar­rell Williams is work­ing on songs for his debut album. Phar­rell said that this kid will “change the future of pop music”.

It’s also been reported that Lil’ Wayne and Ludacris have expressed inter­est in tutor­ing Conor (which is kind of funny, since all 4 of these guys are rappers).

What do you think? Will Conor be the next Justin Bieber?

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