The BYU Kissing Prank!

This is too funny!

A guy and a girl at Brigham Young Uni­ver­sity stood around with clip­boards, ask­ing peo­ple fake poll ques­tions about the hol­i­days, like, “Do you drink eggnog” and “Do you put up Christ­mas lights.”

Then when they asked each per­son if they’ve ever kissed some­one under the MISTLETOE, a string with mistle­toe on it dropped down from above, so it was hang­ing right over them.

Now, you’d ASSUME that most of the stu­dent body at BYU would be pretty con­ser­v­a­tive… But almost every­one in the video gave them a kiss. Except for one girl… who SLAPPED the guy and ran off.


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