The "New" Bike Helmet?

If you have ever been in a bike acci­dent and you were wear­ing your hel­met, good for you! It prob­a­bly saved your life.

For some rea­son or another, it’s deemed “uncool” or “weird” to wear one of those poten­tially ugly bike helmets.

So, with that in mind, what if you could have a bike hel­met that was INVISIBLE?

Well, two women in Swe­den came up with this new inven­tion that essen­tially is invis­i­ble. Instead of putting a hel­met on, you strap some­thing around your neck. Then, if you fall, it senses the impact and deploys and AIRBAG that goes around your entire HEAD.

The idea is pick­ing up a lot of steam; even Gen­eral Elec­tric is talk­ing about it.

To see what it would even look like, watch this raw crash-test footage with a biker get­ting hit a 20 mph.

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