The "Orville and Ostrich" Copters!

This is all kinds of wrong. Some guy in Hol­land named Bart Jansen decided to pay trib­ute to his dead cat by hav­ing it stuffed … then turn­ing it into a remote con­trolled HELICOPTER.

In addi­tion to being a nut in gen­eral, Jansen is also an avi­a­tion nut. He named the cat Orville, after Orville Wright of the Wright Broth­ers (Does any­one else feel like this guy’s been plot­ting this for years?) But now he’s call­ing it the “Orvillecopter”.

There’s video of him fly­ing it on YouTube, and it’s seri­ously creepy. He had it stuffed with all four legs stretched out so it’s spread eagle. Then he attached rotors to the end of each leg, plus land­ing gear on its stomach.

This was all done in the name of “art.” Jansen is an artist, and it’s part of an art exhibit in Amsterdam.

Oh, by the way, he made a SECOND COPTER out of an ostrich. Wow.


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