The "People Are Awesome" Video Montage

You need some­thing awe­some to watch. Trust me, this might be THE COOLEST set of videos I will ever post here.

It’s called the “Peo­ple Are Awe­some” video mon­tage. Some dude out there made a video of awe­some trick shots and crazy stunts… like wheel­chair back­flips and a high dive into a baby pool.

The guy has made two dif­fer­ent ver­sions of it so far. It’s MIND-NUMBING.

He’s also include a few FAKE clips in there, like the one at 1:08 of the first video where for­mer NFL player Chris Cham­bers catches three foot­balls. The guy said that he included some fake stuff just because he likes see­ing peo­ple who get worked up about it in the com­ments sec­ton on YouTube.

Here is the first ver­sion he made:

Unknown source


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