Things You Hate To Happen To You #11

This really could be #1 on the list. But it took me 10 other posts to finally real­ize that this is a seri­ous prob­lem in some pub­lic places and homes around the world. It’s time for another edi­tion of “Things You Hate To Hap­pen To You”!

#11 — Pass­ing Gas

Let’s be mature about this one. Pass­ing gas, a.k.a “Fart­ing”, hap­pens pretty much wher­ever you go: on the bus, in your class­room, at your cubi­cle, in the lunch­room, in the car, in your liv­ing room, etc.

But just because it hap­pens every­where doesn’t mean that it is accepted by every­one. Yes, I am look­ing at you peo­ple who think it’s funny to pass gas while stand­ing in a group of peo­ple. It the “un-cool” thing to do.

Let me give you an exam­ple. This hap­pened dur­ing an NBA game with the Miami Heat. Appar­ently, some­one on the bench wasn’t cour­te­ous enough to run to the bath­room to pre­vent a gas attack on the play­ers. I now turn it over to Shaquille O’Neal for the explanation:


Maybe the Heat were just get­ting ready for some play­off inten­sity defense. It’s legal in the rule book! Shaq never did fig­ure out who the per­pe­tra­tor was.

The point remains that just because you CAN doesn’t mean you SHOULD. Because some­times, it could be so bad that your face molds into the shape of this guy’s face:

Moral of the story: con­trol your bow­els. If you can.

This is just another one of those things that you hate to hap­pen to you, but you have lit­tle to no con­trol over!

Now with that, here is a pic­ture of some cats. I’m just adding to the phe­nom­e­non of cats over­tak­ing the internet:

Unknown source


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