Things You Hate To Happen To You #11

This really could be #1 on the list. But it took me 10 other posts to finally realize that this is a serious problem in some public places and homes around the world. It’s time for another edition of “Things You Hate To Happen To You”!

#11 – Passing Gas

Let’s be mature about this one. Passing gas, a.k.a “Farting”, happens pretty much wherever you go: on the bus, in your classroom, at your cubicle, in the lunchroom, in the car, in your living room, etc.

But just because it happens everywhere doesn’t mean that it is accepted by everyone. Yes, I am looking at you people who think it’s funny to pass gas while standing in a group of people. It the “un-cool” thing to do.

Let me give you an example. This happened during an NBA game with the Miami Heat. Apparently, someone on the bench wasn’t courteous enough to run to the bathroom to prevent a gas attack on the players. I now turn it over to Shaquille O’Neal for the explanation:


Maybe the Heat were just getting ready for some playoff intensity defense. It’s legal in the rule book! Shaq never did figure out who the perpetrator was.

The point remains that just because you CAN doesn’t mean you SHOULD. Because sometimes, it could be so bad that your face molds into the shape of this guy’s face:

Moral of the story: control your bowels. If you can.

This is just another one of those things that you hate to happen to you, but you have little to no control over!

Now with that, here is a picture of some cats. I’m just adding to the phenomenon of cats overtaking the internet:

Unknown source


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