"Things You Hate To Happen To You" #2

It’s the next edi­tion of “Things You Hate To Hap­pen To You!“

#2 — Fix­ing that one Christ­mas Ornament

Every year when you get out all of your Christ­mas dec­o­ra­tions, there is always that one orna­ment that needs to be fixed, either because you didn’t pack it away prop­erly or because your dog decided to find THAT BOX and use it as its new pillow/play-toy.

So you fix the orna­ment with man’s best adhe­sive: SUPER GLUE! You do a fan­tas­tic job mak­ing that orna­ment look brand new. And that’s when you real­ize that your hand is now glued to the orna­ment. You some­how rip your glued fin­gers off of the orna­ment only to have your fin­gers stuck together.

It’s just another one of those things that you REALLY hate to have hap­pen to you. I would know, it hap­pened to me last week!

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