"Things You Hate To Happen To You" #6

I love it when something stupid I do or have done ends up on one of these posts. Just sayin’. Haha, either way, its another edition of “Things You Hate To Happen To You!”

#6 – The Bowling Alley

I like bowling. I think it is a lot of fun, even if I stink at it (don’t tell that to my college professor from whom I took Bowling 130 back in the day). But here is the fact of the matter. No matter how many times I look good when it comes to my bowling technique, I am either going to horribly launch the ball into the other lane or totally fall flat on my face thanks to the oily surface.

I was totally going to make a video for all of you about my real-life experiences with it, but this video that I found was in much more detail and a lot less painful for yours truly:

Haha, at least I am not on the Pro Tour like this guy is.

Anyways, think about it this way. I grew up in Canada, and in Canada bowling is a lot different. Instead of 10-pins and bowling balls with finger-holes in them, Canadians play with 5-pins and bowling balls the size of your hand. It looks something like this:

Am I blaming my horrible bowling skills on 5-Pin bowling? Maybe a little bit, but either way, I should be able to let go of the ball at the right time and not look like an idiot at the same time, right? But I will tell you, it’s pretty cool to be able to launch those 4-pound palm sized bowling balls down the lane at 90 MPH. It makes you feel sort of more manly… haha.

But regardless, I am sure that something like that which was shown in the first video has happened to everyone at some point in time. It’s just another one of those things that you can’t always control, but it always happens to you!

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