"Things You Hate To Happen To You" #7

This happened to me today (Jan 16, 2012) so I just HAD to tell you about it! And yes, it’s another edition of “Things You Hate To Happen To You!”

#7 – Socks

Socks may be the most annoying article of clothing that we have to wear. Sorry ladies, I don’t know (and don’t wanna know) what wearing a bra feels like, so that support system is out of the discussion here, haha.

Think about it: not only do you have to buy more pairs of socks than any other article of clothing, you also have to keep them together and make sure that they match. That, in and of itself, is ridiculous.

Part of the craziness of socks is that they take a beating. You wear them thin from all of your prancing and galloping around and before you know it, they look like this:

Not only does it make that particular toe cold, it also drives you crazy because your feet now feel different inside your shoes than they did before. And it’s not like your socks pick the best time for them to get holes. Like, for example, my sock got a hole in it today literally as I came into the studio to do my show. Of course, it couldn’t have happened before I came to work today so I could change it and not be bothered.

So while that is an adventure, trying to match up socks once again after they have been dried is tough. Does this picture give you an anxiety attack?:

Haha, ok maybe not an anxiety attack, but when it comes to finding your socks (especially if you are LATE for something), it can get frustrating!

But let me tell you the most frustrating thing of all: the dryer.

Seriously, I am CONVINCED that every dryer I have ever used has eaten at least one of my socks. I even started counting my socks just before I put them in the washer and then once again when they came out of the washer and went into the dryer just to make sure I wasn’t going crazy. Sure enough, once the socks came out of the dryer, at least one was missing.

While I have been searching for years for the reason as to why the socks disappear/why they frustrate me, I think I may have found my answer. Here it is for you:

Your socks work hard for you. No wonder they want to party it up every once in a while!

This is just another one of those things that you cannot control, yet it happens to you anyways!

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