"Things You Hate To Happen To You" #7

This hap­pened to me today (Jan 16, 2012) so I just HAD to tell you about it! And yes, it’s another edi­tion of “Things You Hate To Hap­pen To You!”

#7 — Socks

Socks may be the most annoy­ing arti­cle of cloth­ing that we have to wear. Sorry ladies, I don’t know (and don’t wanna know) what wear­ing a bra feels like, so that sup­port sys­tem is out of the dis­cus­sion here, haha.

Think about it: not only do you have to buy more pairs of socks than any other arti­cle of cloth­ing, you also have to keep them together and make sure that they match. That, in and of itself, is ridiculous.

Part of the crazi­ness of socks is that they take a beat­ing. You wear them thin from all of your pranc­ing and gal­lop­ing around and before you know it, they look like this:

Not only does it make that par­tic­u­lar toe cold, it also dri­ves you crazy because your feet now feel dif­fer­ent inside your shoes than they did before. And it’s not like your socks pick the best time for them to get holes. Like, for exam­ple, my sock got a hole in it today lit­er­ally as I came into the stu­dio to do my show. Of course, it couldn’t have hap­pened before I came to work today so I could change it and not be bothered.

So while that is an adven­ture, try­ing to match up socks once again after they have been dried is tough. Does this pic­ture give you an anx­i­ety attack?:

Haha, ok maybe not an anx­i­ety attack, but when it comes to find­ing your socks (espe­cially if you are LATE for some­thing), it can get frustrating!

But let me tell you the most frus­trat­ing thing of all: the dryer.

Seri­ously, I am CONVINCED that every dryer I have ever used has eaten at least one of my socks. I even started count­ing my socks just before I put them in the washer and then once again when they came out of the washer and went into the dryer just to make sure I wasn’t going crazy. Sure enough, once the socks came out of the dryer, at least one was missing.

While I have been search­ing for years for the rea­son as to why the socks disappear/why they frus­trate me, I think I may have found my answer. Here it is for you:

Your socks work hard for you. No won­der they want to party it up every once in a while!

This is just another one of those things that you can­not con­trol, yet it hap­pens to you anyways!

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