"Things You Hate To Happen To You" #8

This one literally happened about 5 minutes ago…. and it crushed my soul. Haha, I’m just kidding, but seriously it’s another edition of “Things You Hate To Happen To You!”

#8 – The “Fake” Tweeters

I would just like to be very clear right now that this is NOT a post bashing Twitter or Facebook. Ok? Good.

For those of you Twitter users out there, Twitter is a WONDERFUL tool. You have to learn how to get your thought across in 140 characters or less, which means that it becomes more rare to find someone trying to post a profanity-laced rant on your news feed or trying to tell their life/sob story (are you taking notes, Facebook?).

But in order to have a news feed, you have to have followers! I follow quite a few things I like: ESPN, pro sports players, friends, family, etc. But the great thing about it is that people can follow YOU! That’s right, people think YOU are important enough to be followed.

However, sometimes those people who follow you are FAKE. Or they might be part of an elite club known as “the SPAMMERS”. Yes, you know who they are. Those are the people who make up fake accounts with a picture of a pretty lady and a bunch of random, useless information.

The only reason I share this with you? In the last 5 minutes, I had 7 new people follow me on Twitter and 6 of them were “SPAMMERS”, haha.

It’s just another one of those things that you hate to happen to you, but you have no control over it!

P.S. You can follow me on Twitter @z103matty

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