"Things You Hate To Happen To You" #9

Wow, two posts about ran­dom events in my life in less than a day? Lucky you! Haha, well it’s time for yet another edi­tion of “Things You Hate To Hap­pen To You!”

#9 — The Park­ing Lot

The Park­ing Lot is a nec­es­sary evil for all of us at some point in our driving/traveling career. You can find them pretty much any­where: the mall, the gro­cery store, the cor­ner grill, and in some cases even at your house!

As is typ­i­cal with a highly pop­u­lar place, it is next to IMPOSSIBLE to find a park­ing spot, espe­cially if there is some sort of a sale going on!

A park­ing lot nor­mally has white (or some­times yel­low) lines defin­ing where you can and can­not park. Like this one:

You see, it’s pretty easy to see where you CAN and CANNOT park in the above park­ing lot. You don’t need to be a rocket sci­en­tist to fig­ure that one out! How­ever, some peo­ple just don’t have a clue. Like this guy right here:

Was this the last spot in the park­ing lot? You bet it was! And now I can’t park there.…

Haha, I am sure that some­thing like this has hap­pened to you before. Maybe you go Black Fri­day or Day After Christ­mas shop­ping (or as I like to call it, “Box­ing Day”). Seri­ously, it took me a HALF-HOUR to find a dad-gum park­ing spot. All because peo­ple had NO IDEA how to stay between the lines!

This is just one of those things that you hate to have hap­pen to you but is beyond your control!

BONUS! Here is a video of someone’s EPIC failed attempt at park­ing, brought to you by Hamp­ton the Hamster:


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