VIDEO: Infomercials

You can’t avoid them. They are persistent. They want you to spend your hard-earned money.

And I love them.

Yes! Infomercials are made for those products that need your convincing that they work. And some of the ads are RIDICULOUS.

For example, remember the Snuggie? (Which, by the way, I am working on getting a Z103 version of the Snuggie). Seriously though, could you not laugh out loud at some of the quirks in the infomercial?

Let me tell you though, the guy from the Slap Chop (his name is Vince) revolutionized infomercials. Somehow, someway, he made them INTERESTING.

And since he made it interesting, other awesome people out there wanted to make them more interesting…. like DJ Steve Porter, who remixed the Slap Chop commercial:

Even with some good infomercials out there, there are the BAD ones. They are pretty much on every channel at all times of the day. I’m not going to bore you with those. But I am going to share with you MY infomercials that I made for fun.

DISCLAIMER: The following infomercials are entirely of a satirical nature. No products are really being sold. I, Matty Merrill, do not endorse any product, speak for any company, or claim association to or with anyone named in the following videos.

This was the first one that was ever made. It’s called Barack Ball. This was made before I became a DJ for Z103:

I know you want to buy one now! Haha, if not that, you will DEFINITELY want to buy this! This one was made for a classroom assignment:

They are corny, yes I know. But for some reason, they were unbelievably fun to make…. which may explain why you see so many of them on TV!

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