Washington McNugget?

Here is a new fun activity for you: go to your freezer and pull out frozen meat, then try to find pieces that look like American President’s.

A woman in Georgia had some McNuggets in her freezer for over three years, and when she pulled one of the nuggets out, she said that it looked ‘just like’ President George Washington. Do you agree with her?

But she’s not done there. She is AUCTIONING it off and wants to get at least $15,000 for it! Yeah, for a FROZEN MCNUGGET.

She did say though that she would use the money to send 50 kids to a church camp.

My thoughts: a) she is really creative in being able to pinpoint George Washington as the image of the piece of chicken.
b) she has WAY too much time on her hands.
c) the McNugget better come with a french fry that looks exactly like Abe Lincoln.

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