We spent THAT MUCH on CROCS?

Remember these awesome bad boys from back in the day? (and by back in the day I mean like 5 years ago)

Haha now a lot of people nowadays think that Crocs are outdated, ugly, or both. But, let me tell you, I got a pair of these for FREE about 5 years ago and they were super comfortable! (Granted, I was living in Florida at the time in the dead of Summer…. so any relief from the heat and humidity was welcomed).

Word to the wise: don’t put your crocs in your back windshield on a hot summer’s day like I did…. they will shrink two sizes on you. Haha.

But check this out – you thought that the “fad” of Crocs was all in the past now. But the company that makes Crocs says “Uh-UH!” Why? Because Crocs made a little over $1 BILLION in revenue. That happens to be the most money they have made in their 10-year history!

So, just when you thought that Crocs were no more….. they are only getting stronger.

Now, enjoy this weird Crocs commercial:

Unknown source


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