Wear Helmets Kids!

This is why you don’t ride down a pro mountain bike course without a helmet or any padding… and if you’re not a pro mountain bike rider.

The downhill mountain biking championships were in Australia over the weekend. And a rider named Adam Brayton broke his leg in a crash. Then a spectator who hasn’t been identified offered to look after his bike for him.

And shortly after that, the guy actually attempted to ride down the course HIMSELF, with no helmet or pads of any kind. And of course he WRECKED.

It happened on a part of the course that features obstacles called “whoops” . . . which basically look like big speed bumps. And when he hit one of them, he flew over the handlebars, hit the ground, and then tumbled for another 10 or 20 feet.

He ended up with two cracked vertebrae and a dislocated shoulder, but he’s in stable condition. And they actually loaded him into the same ambulance with the pro who’d just wrecked on the same bike.

I can only wonder what the pro rider had to say to the spectator in that ambulance.

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