Wear Helmets Kids!

This is why you don’t ride down a pro moun­tain bike course with­out a hel­met or any padding… and if you’re not a pro moun­tain bike rider.

The down­hill moun­tain bik­ing cham­pi­onships were in Aus­tralia over the week­end. And a rider named Adam Bray­ton broke his leg in a crash. Then a spec­ta­tor who hasn’t been iden­ti­fied offered to look after his bike for him.

And shortly after that, the guy actu­ally attempted to ride down the course HIMSELF, with no hel­met or pads of any kind. And of course he WRECKED.

It hap­pened on a part of the course that fea­tures obsta­cles called “whoops” … which basi­cally look like big speed bumps. And when he hit one of them, he flew over the han­dle­bars, hit the ground, and then tum­bled for another 10 or 20 feet.

He ended up with two cracked ver­te­brae and a dis­lo­cated shoul­der, but he’s in sta­ble con­di­tion. And they actu­ally loaded him into the same ambu­lance with the pro who’d just wrecked on the same bike.

I can only won­der what the pro rider had to say to the spec­ta­tor in that ambulance.

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