Weird 80's Music Videos

Let’s be honest here: the 1980’s was a REALLY weird time.

That being said, music videos still were kinda new at the time. TV had only been around since the 1950’s and most people still had record players instead of tapes (cue the kid reading this post asking their mom or dad, “Hey, what’s a record?” or even “Hey, what’s a tape?”…. you know that just happened…)

Anyways, back on topic now, music videos were rather new to the world in that time period. However, that doesn’t mean that they should have made them weird/creepy. Weird/creepy to us today was spectacular/amazing to the peeps of the early 1980’s.

Case in point: the Ghostbusters music video.

For all of the accolades that the Ghostbusters movies collected, you would think that the music video for it would have been just as awesome…. but seriously, it’s kind of awkward/weird/creepy.

Don’t believe me? Watch it for yourself”

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