Weird 80's Music Videos

Let’s be hon­est here: the 1980’s was a REALLY weird time.

That being said, music videos still were kinda new at the time. TV had only been around since the 1950’s and most peo­ple still had record play­ers instead of tapes (cue the kid read­ing this post ask­ing their mom or dad, “Hey, what’s a record?” or even “Hey, what’s a tape?”.… you know that just happened…)

Any­ways, back on topic now, music videos were rather new to the world in that time period. How­ever, that doesn’t mean that they should have made them weird/creepy. Weird/creepy to us today was spectacular/amazing to the peeps of the early 1980’s.

Case in point: the Ghost­busters music video.

For all of the acco­lades that the Ghost­busters movies col­lected, you would think that the music video for it would have been just as awe­some.… but seri­ously, it’s kind of awkward/weird/creepy.

Don’t believe me? Watch it for yourself”

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