What is an Alphabet Burger?

Guy named Nick Chip­man put together the Alpha­bet Burger — a ham­burger with 26 top­pings, one for every let­ter of the alphabet.

Avo­cado, bacon, cheese, Dori­tos, egg, fish sticks, gar­lic bread, ham, Ital­ian sausage, jalapeno pep­pers, a Krispy Kreme donut, let­tuce, mac and cheese, noo­dles, onion rings, pep­per­oni, queso dip, ramen, spinach, turkey burger, Usinger’s bratwurst, veal parme­san, waf­fle, xylo­carp, yams, and zucchini.

“Xylo­carp” is a fancy name for coconut.

Would you try it? You’d have to it in sections.


Source: DudeFoods.com


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