Where's Penny Now?

This dude was a BALLER coming out of college.

Sadly, his knees didn’t co-operate with him, and Penny Hardaway had to retire.

I loved watching this dude play basketball. He is easily one of my favorite players. But this story about him caught my eye:

Penny grew up in Memphis, Tennessee. And not the nice side of Memphis either. It was the gang-infested side.

He went to Lester Middle School as kid, which was right smack-dab in the middle of the nastiness. Penny recently returned to his hometown, and found out that Lester’s basketball coach was in the hospital, dying of cancer. Penny went and visited the coach and told him that he would coach the basketball team and that he didn’t want to get paid for it. The coach agreed.

Miraculously, the coach made a full recovery after being given only days to live. Both the coach and Penny shared coaching duties for their team. And wouldn’t you know it, they won the Tennessee State Championship last week.

That’s a pretty cool story for a former NBA All-Star and Olympian to be so down to earth to help out.

Now, here is an awesome commercial from Nike featuring Penny and Lil’ Penny.

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