Where's Penny Now?

This dude was a BALLER com­ing out of college.

Sadly, his knees didn’t co-operate with him, and Penny Hard­away had to retire.

I loved watch­ing this dude play bas­ket­ball. He is eas­ily one of my favorite play­ers. But this story about him caught my eye:

Penny grew up in Mem­phis, Ten­nessee. And not the nice side of Mem­phis either. It was the gang-infested side.

He went to Lester Mid­dle School as kid, which was right smack-dab in the mid­dle of the nas­ti­ness. Penny recently returned to his home­town, and found out that Lester’s bas­ket­ball coach was in the hos­pi­tal, dying of can­cer. Penny went and vis­ited the coach and told him that he would coach the bas­ket­ball team and that he didn’t want to get paid for it. The coach agreed.

Mirac­u­lously, the coach made a full recov­ery after being given only days to live. Both the coach and Penny shared coach­ing duties for their team. And wouldn’t you know it, they won the Ten­nessee State Cham­pi­onship last week.

That’s a pretty cool story for a for­mer NBA All-Star and Olympian to be so down to earth to help out.

Now, here is an awe­some com­mer­cial from Nike fea­tur­ing Penny and Lil’ Penny.

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