Whitney's Cause of Death

After weeks of waiting, we finally know how Whitney Houston died.

According to the county coroner, Whitney died from a combination of accidental drowning, heart disease and….. cocaine use.

Unfortunately, it looks like Whitney just couldn’t beat her battle with drug abuse. She had struggled with her addiction to illegal drugs for quite some time, and in the end, the price of it all ended up being her life.

The lab report wasn’t finished though. It also stated that Whitney had traces of marijuana, Benadryl, and a few other powerful prescription drugs in her system at the time. Also, there was no sign of “foul play” or trauma to Whitney. All that means is that the case is now closed.

Friends, take this as a reality check lesson. All it takes is one time before you’re hooked. Stay away from drugs. If you have a drug problem, get help immediately. Talk to someone you trust that you know will help you. The saddest of all is that we might not ever know what Whitney’s life could have been if it were not for drugs.

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