Wild Celebrity Hair!

It might not be “off-the-charts” wild, but hey, when FIVE stars decide to do something different with their hair at once, you gotta post about it, right?

Today, we start with Willow Smith, who has changed her hair a ridiculous amount of times within the past month. Her hair when from yellow, to blue, to green, and now to pink:

Up next, Selena Gomez decided that she needed to change up her look, so she added some hair extensions:

Rihanna switched things up by dying her hair jet black and inexplicably shaving off the hair on the side of her head:

Emma Stone returned to her roots, literally, by going back to blonde:

And finally, the Kardashian sisters, namely Kendall and Kim, decided to cornrow their hair:

This concludes the weirdest post I have ever written.

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