Wild Celebrity Hair!

It might not be “off-the-charts” wild, but hey, when FIVE stars decide to do some­thing dif­fer­ent with their hair at once, you gotta post about it, right?

Today, we start with Wil­low Smith, who has changed her hair a ridicu­lous amount of times within the past month. Her hair when from yel­low, to blue, to green, and now to pink:

Up next, Selena Gomez decided that she needed to change up her look, so she added some hair extensions:

Rihanna switched things up by dying her hair jet black and inex­plic­a­bly shav­ing off the hair on the side of her head:

Emma Stone returned to her roots, lit­er­ally, by going back to blonde:

And finally, the Kar­dashian sis­ters, namely Kendall and Kim, decided to corn­row their hair:

This con­cludes the weird­est post I have ever written.

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