Will Ferrell: PA Announcer Extraordinaire!

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE NBA basketball. I have wanted to be the PA announcer or a play-by-play guy for a team since I was a little kid. This means that I was especially intrigued to find out that the New Orleans Hornets had Will Ferrell introduce their team during last night’s game against the Chicago Bulls.

Needless to say, it was unorthodox and different, but it was AWESOME! He basically made up things about the players as they were introduced. It made me want to watch Semi-Pro with Ferrell starring as Jackie Moon.

Here is the video clip of Ferrell introducing the two teams:

How often does something like this happen? Pretty much never. Most of the craziness happens during the national anthem (Roseanne, anyone?)

Ferrell did a pretty good job considering he is just an actor.

Want to see a real professional PA guy do his thing? Here is “Mason”, the PA guy and local radio DJ in Detroit:

Simply awesome. Maybe one that could be me. Or you.

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