Will Ferrell: PA Announcer Extraordinaire!

Any­one who knows me knows that I LOVE NBA bas­ket­ball. I have wanted to be the PA announcer or a play-by-play guy for a team since I was a lit­tle kid. This means that I was espe­cially intrigued to find out that the New Orleans Hor­nets had Will Fer­rell intro­duce their team dur­ing last night’s game against the Chicago Bulls.

Need­less to say, it was unortho­dox and dif­fer­ent, but it was AWESOME! He basi­cally made up things about the play­ers as they were intro­duced. It made me want to watch Semi-Pro with Fer­rell star­ring as Jackie Moon.

Here is the video clip of Fer­rell intro­duc­ing the two teams:

How often does some­thing like this hap­pen? Pretty much never. Most of the crazi­ness hap­pens dur­ing the national anthem (Roseanne, anyone?)

Fer­rell did a pretty good job con­sid­er­ing he is just an actor.

Want to see a real pro­fes­sional PA guy do his thing? Here is “Mason”, the PA guy and local radio DJ in Detroit:

Sim­ply awe­some. Maybe one that could be me. Or you.

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