World Record Paper Airplane!

Why this sort of stuff fascinates me, I have no idea.

Growing up, I used to make paper airplanes all the time. I liked it so much that my mom even got me a book detailing the different kinds of paper airplanes that a person could make. It was SO MUCH FUN! But then I became a grown-up….. lol.

But check this out, this guy names Joe Ayoob just set the Guinness World Record for the longest distance a paper airplane has EVER FLOWN. The record setting attempt was done inside the Frys.com Hangar and the distance was measured at 226 feet and 10 inches. Check out the video of that right here:

Interestingly enough, Joe used to be the quarterback at the University of California, the same place where Super Bowl winning quarterback Aaron Rodgers played. In fact, Joe was the guy who REPLACED Aaron Rodgers when Rodgers left for the NFL.

What’s funny about this clip is how everyone reacted. Yes, I would probably react the same way if I had just set a world record, but seriously, it’s like everyone in the crowd just found out that they had each won $100 million! I thought their reaction was a little too much…. until I watched this:

Pretty neat stuff, eh? I find it amazing how pretty much all of humanity can freak out and be as giddy as a group of 10-year old school-girls over a folded up piece of paper, haha. Seriously though, it’s a FOLDED UP PIECE OF PAPER!!

Some people take this to the extreme however. Like building a massive paper plane and attaching engines to it kind of extreme. Never seen it before? Check it out right here:

You can’t have success without failure in life. And this next guy not only failed in paper airplane building/throwing, but it also looks like he doesn’t know how far 36 feet is or what the meaning of “World Record” is. Because clearly, the plane didn’t go 36 feet nor was it a World Record. But hey, let the man dream right?

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