World Record Paper Airplane!

Why this sort of stuff fas­ci­nates me, I have no idea.

Grow­ing up, I used to make paper air­planes all the time. I liked it so much that my mom even got me a book detail­ing the dif­fer­ent kinds of paper air­planes that a per­son could make. It was SO MUCH FUN! But then I became a grown-up.…. lol.

But check this out, this guy names Joe Ayoob just set the Guin­ness World Record for the longest dis­tance a paper air­plane has EVER FLOWN. The record set­ting attempt was done inside the Frys.com Hangar and the dis­tance was mea­sured at 226 feet and 10 inches. Check out the video of that right here:

Inter­est­ingly enough, Joe used to be the quar­ter­back at the Uni­ver­sity of Cal­i­for­nia, the same place where Super Bowl win­ning quar­ter­back Aaron Rodgers played. In fact, Joe was the guy who REPLACED Aaron Rodgers when Rodgers left for the NFL.

What’s funny about this clip is how every­one reacted. Yes, I would prob­a­bly react the same way if I had just set a world record, but seri­ously, it’s like every­one in the crowd just found out that they had each won $100 mil­lion! I thought their reac­tion was a lit­tle too much.… until I watched this:

Pretty neat stuff, eh? I find it amaz­ing how pretty much all of human­ity can freak out and be as giddy as a group of 10-year old school-girls over a folded up piece of paper, haha. Seri­ously though, it’s a FOLDED UP PIECE OF PAPER!!

Some peo­ple take this to the extreme how­ever. Like build­ing a mas­sive paper plane and attach­ing engines to it kind of extreme. Never seen it before? Check it out right here:

You can’t have suc­cess with­out fail­ure in life. And this next guy not only failed in paper air­plane building/throwing, but it also looks like he doesn’t know how far 36 feet is or what the mean­ing of “World Record” is. Because clearly, the plane didn’t go 36 feet nor was it a World Record. But hey, let the man dream right?

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