Worst Mistake Ever?

Could this be the dumb­est mis­take in the his­tory of Wheel of Fortune?

A col­lege stu­dent named Zach from Ore­gon was on the show’s “Col­lege Week”.

All but two let­ters were show­ing, but the answer was obvi­ously “Magic blank-A-N-D.” Some­how, Zach guessed “magic hand … magic band … magic yand … sand … vand … cand … jand … pand … fand … every­thing BUT “magic wand”.

He real­ized what it was right after he ran out of time. So if he’d said it a half-second sooner, he would have won a Toy­ota Prius.

Don’t feel bad though. He won $19,950 ear­lier in the game.

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